Sunday, April 11, 2010

Paramount Ranch Road Races

The Paramount Ranch Road Races were held on a 2 mile course that operated for two years, 1956 and 1957. This was an old movie set located near Agoura in the Santa Monica Mountains. It was a narrow and twisting course with ups and downs...perfect for Porsche!

Some of the cars running "back in the day" were; Porsche Speedsters, 550's, Triumphs, Corvettes, Mercedes Gullwings, Alfas, Jaguars, MG's, and of course Ferrari's...they all raced there. Some of the drivers that saw action there were; Ken Miles, Dan Gurney, Richie Ginther, John Von Neuman and Bob Bondurant.

These photos were taken at turn 5 by Marty Goldsmith. Marty is one of our blog followers and worked all 5 of the events held at Paramount as a scrutineer. Marty reports that he still has the Canon eye-level 35mm camera and that it's great for race photography, owing to the interchangeable Albada finders and the trigger advance mechanism.

Jack Nethercutt #102, Harry Handford #227 in a OSCA and Bill Scott #97 in a MG. The Mobilegas marker was still standing at this point.
Frank Monise #44 in a Lotus, Ken Miles #50 in the Von Neuman 550 Spyder, and Jack McAfee #57 in the Sugarman 550 Spyder. Notice Miles and McAfee with the perfect line.
Cliff Hensley, has catapulted his car into the spectator area on top of the hill. Notice the turn 5 marker on the pole.
John Lyon, rolled the MG up the hill and then settled back down on the wheels.
A "cardboard" helmet belonging to John Lyon, typical of the time. Also note that most of the cars did not have roll bars.

A Fun Event Planned
Grand Prix and Orange Coast Regions are planning a "Paramount Ranch Picnic Tour" on April 25. Marty, who organized this tour will give those attending a walking tour around the course, trying to identify some of its outstanding features including an underpass/tunnel as well as a history lesson about the track and sports car racing as it was at that time. If you have questions about the event or would like to RSVP to participate, please contact, Marty Goldsmith at:

You can also call him at: (562)494-6350 (H), or (562)537-6793 (C)

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