Wednesday, April 7, 2010

L.A. Lit Meet...a Money Handoff with Seinfeld

Everyone needs to take this outing at least once in there lives...What am I talking about? It's the L.A. Literature and Memorabilia Meet. It's held at the L.A. Hilton around the first of March. It has soooo much of everything and more to ogle. Now let's take a road trip!
And, where better to start a road trip?...Randy's Donuts in L.A.
A room filled with goodies!
How about some Rally Clocks?
Let there be some illumination!
The money hand off with Seinfeld...he bought a bunch of my old magazines. You can see, Randy's donuts had taken an effect on me by this time.

Don't miss it next year, I'll post dates on it as soon as I get them.

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