Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dr. Ferry Porsche

I'll be doing a series on auto-related personalities. It's fitting to start with Ferry Porsche.

Ferry Porsche, served as general manager, and the chairman of the board in the early years taking over the company in 1951 when his father passed away. Ferry Porsche's motto was to produce automobiles which had to be reliable and high-quality sports cars of a true utilitarian value. I remember attending a banquet and hearing him say to the attendees, "People really don't need a Porsche, they just want one." He lead Porsche through the 356 years, to the iconic 911s then on to other models. In such an amazingly short time, from those early days of 1948 in Gmund with his father, Porsche has become one of the world's greatest marques. Ferdinand Porsche died 74 days short of the 50th anniversary of the company, at the age of 88, on 27 March 1998, at the family farm in Austria.

This photo was taken at the 1977 Porsche Parade held in San Diego. Although he and his wife Dorothea truly enjoyed this Parade, it was to be the last one they attended.

Blog follower Bob Lampert took this photo and passed it along to me. Bob is an award-winning photographer who also works with film, and digital. Bob first started winning awards for his photography as a young San Diego teenager when he won a prized Kodak photographic award. His passion for photography led him to a photographic career which has spanned over 50 years; winning two Emmy's (1982–1987) and four Golden Mike Awards (1969-1975 and two in 1982). He was hired as a photojournalist for KOGO in 1963 which became KGTV, the ABC affiliate television station in San Diego.

He became a member of San Diego Region of PCA in 1969. He has a true talent for taking candid photos that you well see in future posts.

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