Monday, October 18, 2010

Slick Chicks

After my post on the Clark Gable "Indy Race" movie poster, I got to thinkin' about old Hot Rod Movie Posters from days long gone. You remember, Saturday 50 cent matinees as a kid dreaming about driving cars like these.

Here's some...Piston-Hard Drama!...Drag Strip Shockers!...Rock 'N Roll Love! They're scorching hot stories of "Slick Chicks" who fire up the big wheels!
What's a good Hot Rod movie without a good blast of "Rock 'N Roll." Every time Monique and I hit a cruise night and they start up with the oldies heart smiles. This one has Gene Vincent in an acting roll! Great rock and roll by Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps! Hot rods, cops, juke joints, fist fights and cute chicks. What more could you ask for? Kay Wheeler does her sexy "Rock 'n Bop" dancin'. For those old enough to remember, Songs include: "Dance in the Street," "Dance to the Bop," "Baby Blue," and "Lovely Loretta." Circa 1958

This film is about a hot rod greaser framed for murder. Can you believe...all his rodder buddies in the club turn their backs on him. Even his parents! In the end he is exonerated during the big hot rod race. All ends good. Circa 1957

In this one, after his kid brother is killed playing "Chicken" in a street race, a champion drag-racer quits racing. However, a new kid comes to town determined to force him back into racing so he can take his title...and here's the bad part, he's already taken his girlfriend. It's teen-age terrorist on the loose! Circa 1956

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  1. Those'll put an eye out! Ahhh, Glamourgirl brassieres. Completely impervious to one-handed removal.

    I remember Hot Rod Girl & Hot Rod Gang mostly because of Gene Vincent and Chuck Connors, plus great musical scores... but not Hot Rod Rumble. I think they're even available in DVD! But in general, the posters are better than the movies.

  2. Keith Nelson wrote:I think, I saw all those at the old Ace Drive-In in Lemon Grove, you remember $1.00 a car load.

  3. ~ great site, John. a fortunate accident that i stumbled across it, & what's this? a poster for Hot Rod Gang featuring AlaKart from George Barris? i musta died on the operating table again! thanks, scot